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Environmental laws and requirements for permitting projects are complex and continuously changing.  They also vary significantly from city to city and state to state.  Moreover, a seemingly daily influx of new technologies to address air, soil and water standards requires on-going
self-education in order to bring the most effective solutions to our clients. 


It certainly helps to be able to point to over 30 years of experience and a green portfolio that validates our ability to address even the most challenging environmental conditions and site issues. Our willingness to work together with community leaders, environmental and conservation groups and construction partners is a hallmark of our successful permitting track record. 

Typical Environmental Services

     •    Wetland Resource Delineation

    •    Wetland Restoration and Replication Design

    •    Natural Resource Inventories

    •    Botanical/Wildlife Assessment

    •    Conservation Restriction Planning

    •    Wetlands Permits

    •    Water Quality Certifications

    •    Waterways Licenses

    •    Army Corps of Engineers Permits

    •    Greenhouse Gas Modeling

    •    Mobile Source Air Quality Analysis

    •    ASTM Environmental Site Assessments

    •    Groundwater and Surface Water Discharge Permits

    •    Environmental Impact Reports

    •    EPA NPDES Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

    •    EPA NPDES Construction General Permits (CGP)

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