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Your Vision. Our Expertise.

Our land use permitting and environmental planning specialists are well-versed in local, state, and federal permitting processes. Whether we are serving private sector clientele with the design and permitting of a new development or assisting a government agency with long-term planning or peer review services, trust-building is an essential expertise. Trust enables us to facilitate collaboration among parties whose primary objective is to protect the interests of their respective organizations.

We approach every project with the underlying premise that development and environmental responsibility cannot only co-exist; each can enhance the other. Our technical experts utilize their extensive experience to inform the conversation and to build trust among all parties in order to work through planning and permitting processes to everyone’s satisfaction.   

Typical Planning and Permitting Services

    •    Permit/Regulatory Analysis

    •    Regulatory Revisions

    •    Zoning Amendments

    •    Development Project Peer Reviews

    •    Local Zoning, Subdivision, General Bylaws

    •    State MEPA Filings

    •    Master Planning

    •    Build-out Analysis

    •    Consensus Building

    •    Public Participation

    •    Open Space and Recreation Plans

    •    Visioning and Goal Setting

    •    Land Conservation Strategies

    •    Community Impact Analysis

    •    Municipal Services/School Impacts

    •    Fiscal Analysis

    •    Housing Inventories and Needs Assessment


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