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Ames Shovel Works Apartments

Easton, MA

The complex of granite and wood factory buildings once known as the Ames Shovel Works is rich in history and a key component in the town’s North Easton Village Revitalization plan. Built by the Ames family, the buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and form the North Easton Historic District.


Restoration efforts converted building interiors into 113 apartment units while preserving building exteriors and roof lines. Approximately 233 parking spaces service the development. A park, perimeter walkways and an on-site museum for shovel works artifacts are also part of the project. Construction of a wastewater treatment plant and sewer network coincided with restoration efforts and will serve the development and the surrounding North Easton Village neighborhood.


Beals + Thomas provided civil engineering, site planning, wetland delineation and surveying services to support the redevelopment of the Ames Shovel Works. We performed soil testing to determine the suitability of soils and evaluated areas for sewage disposal. We also prepared a Groundwater Discharge permit application for on-site sewage disposal, along with site plans for review by the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Conservation Commission.

Arlington 360  

Arlington, MA

Arlington 360 is a 199-unit apartment/townhome project that was developed at the 16-acre site of the former Symmes Hospital. The project consists of a 155-unit apartment building and 8 townhouse buildings. The apartment building has underground parking while
the townhouses have surface parking and individual garages. The residences are oriented to take advantage of views of the Boston skyline that are visible from this hilltop location, one of the highest sites in Arlington. A complicated development agreement between the Town and the developer includes construction of a “Vista Park” on the site, and a “Neighborhood Protection Plan”. In addition, there are requirements for offsite mitigation of sewerage and a pedestrian sidewalk through an adjoining neighborhood.  


Beals + Thomas provided surveying, civil engineering, permitting assistance and construction administration for this project.

Ames Shovel Works Apartments
Arlington 360

Archstone/Avalon North Point  

Cambridge, MA

Beals + Thomas provided land surveying, civil engineering and permitting assistance for urban redevelopment of 859 new residential units among three buildings. This 5.7-acre site historically supported the Maple Leaf factory, which had been converted into an office building. The site also contained one-story metal buildings that served a document storage company and a furniture retailer. One Leighton Street was completed in 2009 and consists of 415 residential units. 10 Glassworks Avenue (the former Maple Leaf hot dog factory) was completed in 2014 and consists of 103 micro loft residential units. AVA North Point, consisting of an additional 341 residential units was completed in May of 2018. The site is adjacent to the MBTA Green Line Lechmere Station relocation project.

Archstone/Avalon Nort Point
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