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Thorough, precise and defensible surveying data is a critical dependency that buttresses every phase and aspect of our work. It provides a foundation for site planning, architectural and systems design and is essential to successful permitting.   


We invest heavily in our team of land surveyors and land survey technicians by providing them with the most advanced technologies available. Fully robotic total stations, GPS networks and field-to-finish CADD-compatible data collection equipment allow them to be thorough and efficient in their work while providing clients and other project stakeholders easy access to data; thereby streamlining their work, too.

Typical Land Surveying Services

  • Architectural Detail Surveys

  • Design Base Plans

  • Utility Surveys

  • Lot Staking

  • Plot Plans

  • Building Permit Plans

  • Settlement Surveys

  • Specialty Surveys

  • As-built Surveys

  • Aerial & Topographic Surveys

  • Hydrographic Surveys

  • Land Records Compilation
    & Storage

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Land Court Surveys

  • Title Insurance Surveys

  • Zoning Surveys

  • License Studies

  • Metes & Bounds Descriptions

  • Easement Plans & Surveys

  • MCP Activity & Use Limitation Surveys

  • Right-of-Way Surveys

  • Construction Layout

  • GIS Services

  • GPS Surveys

  • Baseline Control Surveys

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