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Your Vision. Our Expertise.


In environmental permitting,

there are no adversaries.
Only collaborators.

Massachusetts’ largest private property owner, a recognized leader in responsible real estate development, relies on Beals + Thomas to provide permitting support as well as survey and design services

on an ongoing, multi-phase project.  Our expert knowledge of environmental and land use regulations, coupled with our industry best management practices, are a natural fit for the client and

its mission as an environmentally sensitive developer. 


Stacy Minihane holds several titles at Beals + Thomas:  Senior Associate, Planning and Environmental Services Discipline Leader and Planning and Permitting Group Leader.   What the titles don’t reveal is her unique perspective.  She describes herself as an environmentalist at her core but also a property rights advocate.  “Somewhere in the middle is where things happen appropriately,” Stacy observes. 


As is often the case, Beals + Thomas respectful and respected relationships with local and state regulatory agencies provide a platform of trust that supports all parties and their interests. 

“My client wants to produce an environmentally responsible project.” says Stacy. “The agencies are tasked with protecting the environment and the public.  Because we share the same goals we treat them as collaborators.” Enduring relationships with local, state and federal environmental regulators also depend on Beals + Thomas culture of responsiveness and delivering a thorough product.


Case in point:  Developers of significant projects must report environmental impacts in advance to the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office. But given that this particular initiative would roll out in multiple phases over many years, and

that the scope of successive phases could change depending on market ebb and flow, there was no way to accurately project the proposed impact of the development. Working in collaboration with MEPA, Beals + Thomas crafted a Special Review Procedure

that requires impacts to be reported for each new portion within the context of the master development plan that has already occurred;
as well as anticipated future development. The effort entailed
more than35 public outreach meetings and developing rapports
with key stakeholders.


Going forward, Beals + Thomas’ multi-disciplinary, in-house expertise galvanized by our sensitive approach to land development will allow us to continue to support the client’s real estate objectives

while recognizing its agricultural history and environmentally responsible ethic. 

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