Sailing Camp Park Moving Forward

April 10, 2014

Sailing Camp Park

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On April 8th, 2014 the Town of Oak Bluffs voted on the expenditure of funds collected through the Town’s Community Preservation Program to be used for the restoration and improvement of Sailing Camp Park.  Specifically the town was asked if funds should be appropriated for the “restoration of an eroding coastal bank which is part of the following project to preserve and improve the park for conservation and passive recreation” along with creation of a “public walking trails system at the Park.”  In both cases the Town of Oak Bluffs voted “Yes” to the use of funds for the enhancement of Sailing Camp Park.

B+T had previously prepared a trail feasibility study for the Town, which included a topographic and boundary survey of the property and its existing trails. Now that construction of the proposed trails is proceeding, B+T has been retained to assist with the preparation of bid documents for the next phase of this project.