About Us

Beals and Thomas is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that provides civil engineering, planning, landscape architecture, environmental, permitting, and land surveying services to support development and infrastructure projects in New England.   Since 1984, our mission has been to advocate for and assist our clients with solving complex design and regulatory challenges by providing innovative solutions that often require long-term commitments.  We build our relationships on a superior level of quality and service making us trusted advisors and valuable consultants on our clients’ projects.

Participants at all levels of the development process benefit from the cohesive operation of our integrated design teams, including municipalities, architectural and engineering firms, developers, attorneys, financial institutions, educational institutions, conservation groups, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, manufacturers, and commercial businesses.  We are committed to satisfying the needs of our diverse clientele while maintaining professional integrity and respect for the environment. This balanced approach enables us to maintain the highest level of respect among our clients, regulatory officials, and area communities in which we serve.