495/MetroWest Partnership Annual Conference

June 19, 2014

Daniel Feeney, of Beals and Thomas, Inc., served on a 495/MetroWest Partnership committee along with other public and private sector planners and engineers to select the 2014 “Top Ten Transportation Nightmares” in the Partnership’s region.

The goal of the committee was to identify the top transportation challenges in the region.  The publication of this list of challenges will facilitate future advocacy by the Partnership in studying and implementing solutions on behalf of public and private sector stakeholders.    The Partnership recognizes the importance of transportation infrastructure to the economic growth and quality of life within the region and therefore strives to make all transportation within the region as headache-free as possible.

Please click here to read about the 2014 Top Ten Traffic Nightmares presented at the 495/MetroWest Partnership 2014 Annual Conference.